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Dreaming” by Dave Collins – Featuring Dave Buckley (guitar solo) video

One of the most recent audio/visual collaborations between the studio and song-writer Dave Collins has had a big result.

This short YouTube video has been nominated as a featured video on the home page on the NME no less. A huge thanks to Dave and the NME for allowing us to use this footage and media. Content below ……….

A short acoustic audio clip from a recent recording session at Curly Lead Recording Studios, Nottingham by legendary songwriter Dave Collins, featuring Dave Buckley on lead guitar (guitar solo),and set visually to a short excerpt from our show reel. The finger-picking was recorded with a matched stereo pair of Audio Technica AT4041 condensers with Dave’s Custom Patrick Eggle and the solo on a vintage “JJ” James Joyce Signature Model with a combination of the AT4041’s and a Sontronics Omega Tube mic through two TL Audio 5051 Valve pre-amps and Drawmer 251 Spectral Compressors and a Soundcraft Ghost desk. Mastered with Quested H208 Monitors. Hope you like it.


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