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This year’s fun and games at the show and after

Guitar Lesson @Musikmesse 2013

Having a great time teaching & jamming with a young local guitar student

While testing the fabulous Corsa LCPG Guitar through a Peavey Classic 30 Amp at the Tokai/Faber stand at the shop – a small crowd appears and a lad sits down to play so an impromptu “lesson” begins. A huge thanks to Corsa Guitars, Gottfried Schmid & the guys at the Tokai/Faber stand.

Man vs Food 2012 — Food Wins!

 The Frankfurt “Steak from Hell”

 Paul Hose takes on the beast! (fail)

Bill (Wizard) Fisher takes a sip or two, sadly the beer did him no good

Bill (Wizard) Fisher takes a nap, sadly was confused for a German tramp and

below is Steve (its my show) McCabe doing an impression of Bill

“Look Billy I can drink it too!!”

“Why didn’t you tell me this would happen?”

“I did but no one was listening to me (Mart “BigM” Fisher)”