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Guitar Lesson @Musikmesse 2013

Having a great time teaching & jamming with a young local guitar student

While testing the fabulous Corsa LCPG Guitar through a Peavey Classic 30 Amp at the Tokai/Faber stand at the shop – a small crowd appears and a lad sits down to play so an impromptu “lesson” begins. A huge thanks to Corsa Guitars, Gottfried Schmid & the guys at the Tokai/Faber stand.

Blast from the past – Some Vintage Free & Co – (Free & Bad Co. Tribute)

Digging around through some old recordings and came across these from the early days of Free & Co.

I’m a mover

Be my friend

Mr Big

Lil bit ‘o’ love

A few shots from the glory days at “The Running Horse” – Nottingham

Runner Running Horse - Dave





Running Horse - Dave n Russ







few shots from the glory days at “The Boardwalk” – Sheffield

Boardwalk 2Boardwalk

Circle of Fifths


The Circle of Fifths is named as such because each note, moving clockwise around the circle, is a fifth apart from one another. If you count from C, to the note next to it, G, you’ll see there are five whole steps between them: C, D, E, F, G. The same as true all the way around the circle. Because of the nature of music, moving the other direction, (counter-clockwise/anti-clockwise), each note is a fourth apart from the one next to it. Start at C, and go to F: C, D, E, F!

Why Is this Important?

Every scale has three major chords. They are chord ONE, (the tonic), chord FOUR, and chord FIVE. In the key of C, this would be the C Major chord, the F major chord, and the G major chord. F is a perfect fourth from C, and G is a perfect fifth from C. Notice on the circle above? They are the chords directly to the left and right of C! This is true all around the circle. If you want to know the perfect fourth in the key of E, look to the left of the E chord. It is an A. The perfect fifth is to the right, a B. These three chords, E, A, and B, are the three major chords in the key of E.

How to Use This

When you play an instrument that can chord, such as a piano or guitar, often the trick is to know which chords work with which key. But this is never confusing if you’ve got a circle of fifths in front of you. The chords are all in the same quadrant (a quarter of the circle) as the key name. How about an example. If we are playing in the key of C, the major chords we need are C, F, and G. The minor chords we will sometimes need are Dm, Em, and Am. Take a look for these chords right now on the circle above. Notice they are in the same quarter of the circle? Ninety-five per cent of the time, these are the only chords you will use in any song. Sometimes you may use Bb, and D as chords in the key of C, but they are right next to the quadrant. Almost NEVER will you use a chord on the opposite side of the quadrant.

Transposing Made Simple

Let’s say you were playing a song in the key of C, and someone asked you to lower it to Bb. Take a quick look at the circle, and you’ll see how this can easily be done. The major chords are no longer C, F, and G, but are Bb, Eb, and F. The minor chords are no longer Dm, Em, and Am, they are now Cm, Dm, and Gm!

Flats and Sharps Too!

You can see that as you move clockwise around the circle, you add a sharp to the key. As you move anti-clockwise around the circle, you add a flat!

My recent trip to the Marshall HQ with Paul Hose & Mike Dolbear

A great day out at the Marshall HQ for the soon to be released Mike Dolbear App.

MLC Academy Marseilles Opens

Paul & Rob Outside the Academy
Paul Marshall, Graig ‘The Global Glove’ Glover, Rob Hirons and Paul ‘Hoser’ Hose
Graig Glover


"The Modfather"
“The Modfather
Jizze Martinez
Rob Hirons


What a very very cool day that was … privileged to be part of and performing at the grand opening of the new MLC Marseilles Academy. Not only was it sponsored by Marshall Amplification and Natal Drums but I performed with some great musicians.

Man vs Food 2012 — Food Wins!

 The Frankfurt “Steak from Hell”

 Paul Hose takes on the beast! (fail)

Bill (Wizard) Fisher takes a sip or two, sadly the beer did him no good

Bill (Wizard) Fisher takes a nap, sadly was confused for a German tramp and

below is Steve (its my show) McCabe doing an impression of Bill

“Look Billy I can drink it too!!”

“Why didn’t you tell me this would happen?”

“I did but no one was listening to me (Mart “BigM” Fisher)”